Steve Ikirt


Steve Ikirt is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Information Innovators Inc. (Triple-i). Steve is responsible for managing all company officers and support staff, as well as directly consulting for a number of Triple-i’s customers. Steve has over 28 years of experience in the Information Systems acquisition and Telecommunications fields. He has managed over $1 billion in Department of Defense (DoD) program initiatives in the past 15 years, including $650 million in Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) deployments and acquisition support; $150 million in U.S. Army communications deployments, including acquisition program management during Desert Storm; and over $200 million in Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) requirements.

Specific program/project experience includes the planning, procurement strategy, and deployments of major DoD networks (DISN, DCMA (community of interest network), DLA (community of interest network)) and the planning, procurement strategy, and deployments of all of DCMA’s information technology infrastructure assets for a seven year period. Steve is a retired U.S. Army LTC and has an M.S. in Telecommunications Management and B.A. in Management from University of Arizona.

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