At Information Innovators Inc. (Triple-i), we specialize in providing our federal agency clients with expertly crafted IT solutions across six key service areas.

Our clients tell us they choose Information Innovators because we have consistently leveraged our expertise and firsthand knowledge of each client’s unique needs to provide high-quality IT services.

Enterprise Services

We offer a range of services that will enable your organization to appreciate the most efficient, cost-effective IT solutions available. We possess the knowledge and experience that is necessary to build an IT enterprise from the ground up - from build-out, to systems and application integration, to operations and maintenance.

  • Systems Development & Integration
  • Infrastructure Build-Out
  • Data & Application Migration and Consolidation
  • Asset Management
  • Hosting & Cloud Services
  • Mobile & Telework Solutions
  • Operations & Maintenance

Information Assurance & Security Management

Proper Information Assurance (IA) and management procedures and policies ensure that your systems and data are protected from known and potential security threats. Triple-i is also committed to playing an integral role in the confidentiality, integrity, and availablity of Federal Government and Department of Defense (DoD) information systems and their security posture.

  • Security Design and Configuration
  • IA Vulnerability Management (IAVM)
  • Assessment & Accreditation (A&A)
  • Security Monitoring and Support

Software and Data Services

We work with our clients to define, develop, and implement the solutions they need to achieve their business objectives. Whether it is a knowledge management system, a universal search solution, or a business intelligence implementation, Triple-i delivers an innovative solution that is on-time and within budget.

  • Software Engineering
  • Enterprise Search
  • Business Intelligence
  • Portals and CMS

Intelligence and Geospatial

We offer a specialized predictive analytics and geospatial modeling capability. Our MIMOSA software aided one intelligence center to increase their target detection rate by 500% using just 30% of the resources previously tasked with detection freeing up personnel to focus more on analysis. Our anomaly detection software is helping today’s analysts to know where and when to look for changing situations. Arc ET, a geospatial drop-in to Arc Map saves countless analyst hours by allowing access to disparate data sources from within their leading geospatial analysis software package. Solutions from Triple-i are enabling the Intelligence Community with smarter decision tools that support their mission. 

  • Geospatial Information Systems
  • Predictive Analytics and System Engineering
  • Predictive Geospatial Intelligence

Program and Project Management

Successful execution of a program or project requres a combination of quality processes, toolsets, and experience. Triple-i has a proven record of successfully leading our customers to the "finish line" having accomplished or exceeded their programmatic goals on time and within budget.

  • Program/Project Assessments
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Requirements Management
  • Configuration and Change Management
  • Cost and Budget Management
  • Training Management

Strategic Planning Services

Triple-i will help define your organization's fundamental goals and the actions needed to achieve them, ensuring that members of your organization, at all levels, are working toward the same objective. Triple-i conducts a thorough examination to effectiveness of current processes, recognize any problems, and develop a plan of action to solve those problems.

  • Acquisition Support
  • Capital Planning
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Infrastructure Design
Triple-i has your IT solutions - contact us at 703.635.7088 or to get started.